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Knife Sharpeners

Knife Sharpeners

     We offer a large selection of Knife Sharpeners and Knife Sharpening Systems that are Proudly Made in the USA. We carry traditional Grinding Stones, Crock Stick Sharpeners, Hand Held Sharpeners, and Advanced Technology Sharpening and Honing Systems. Whether you are a traditionalist, or if you prefer the latest in Knife Sharpening Technology, we have the right Knife Sharpener for you.


Knife Sharpeners:
Accusharp Sharpeners
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Lansky Sharpeners
   Norton Sharpeners

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  1. American Flag Compact Knife Sharpener STSUSA

    American Flag Compact Knife Sharpener

    American Flag Compact Knife Sharpener. American flag finish lightweight aluminum body with lanyard hole. Measures 3". Features tungsten carbide V sharpening insert. Easy to use. Weighs only .5 ounce. Bulk packed. The Sterling Knife Sharpener is the perfect pocket sized sharpening tool for knives and broad heads. From the field to the kitchen, the boat to the campsite, you cannot find a more easy to use sharpener. Withing a few strokes your blade will be as sharp as new. For very dull knives more pressure and strokes may be required. No messy honing oils are required nor are there confusing multiple steps that many sharpeners have. Sterling is that easy. Place the knife into the carbide "V". For best results, secure sharpener flat on the edge of a surface (table, rock, stump, bench) and move the knife downward through the wedge. A light to moderate pressure is all that is required with only a few number of passes needed to fully sharpen the blade. The Sterling Sharpener features a tungsten carbide sharpening surface that sharpens all types of blades, including kitchen, hunting, fishing, and pocket knives. Made in USA. Learn More

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